DJ Mateo Segade

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Los Angeles-based DJ Mateo Segade is Trixie's proverbial DJ Mother and, together with Symone, Gigi Goode, and The House of Avalon, helms LA's legendary monthly, Sugartank. Whether he is touring across North America, spinning gaggy events such as EVITA, Fat Slut, Bearracuda or headlining The Boulet Brothers Halloween Ball, Mateo is always busy and his boyfriend resents him deeply for it. Funny story, Mateo and Trixie met outside of downtown Los Angeles' iconic Precinct DTLA wherein she offhandedly expressed interest in learning how to DJ - a comment which Mateo seized upon like a wild animal - and they've become inseparable since that day... much to the chagrin of both of their respective partners. Whether they're going back-to-back on a disco fantasy set of your dreams, or collabing on a techno set that melts your synthetic shake-n-go, Mateo and Trixie are the DJ duo that make Solid Pink Disco an event you definitely don't want to miss.


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