Gigi Goode

Gigi Goode

Goode Morning, World! Gigi Goode is your All-American California bimbo next door. She’s like Barbie - she can do it all! Hair, makeup sewing, standing still, figure skating, you name it! You may know Gigi from her stardom, she had to pay her dues as an underage drag queen in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, with the help of her mother and seamstress, Kristi (with a K)! Like any other girl, Gigi loves the simple things in life, like going to the aquarium, shopping with friends, robbing fast-food chains and making macaroni art! She always arrives at the gig-ready, and never leaves the gig busted. It may look like she has it all figured out, but don’t get it twisted - she can’t count to 100 or recite the alphabet past the letter ‘G’! She’s an entertainer through ad through and is polished from head to toe! You’ll never get a half-assed appearance from Gigi Goode!



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