Jaida Essence Hall


Jaida Essence Hall

10 years ago, bursting with creativity, inspired by her hometown's incredible local talent, and ready to take on the drag universe, the world was blessed with the birth of drag superstar Jaida Hall.

The Milwaukee native, and ‘regal beauty’ stomped the drags cene winning numerous pageants including miss five, Miss Wisconsin club, and miss city of the lakes - not to mention performing at the halftime show for an NBA Milwaukee bucks game and having the most watched ‘Cosmo Queens’ video of 2019!

Jaida’s successes came from years of hard work, her expertise as a costume designer and make-up artist, her devotion to her fans, and being taken under the wing of her late drag mother, the incomparable Lady Tajma Hall. Lady Hall left her with one of her favourite quotes she lives by today: “you have to believe in how amazing you are. If you know it, the audience will too.If you don’t, they’ll see right through you.”

Fuelled by her love of drag, high fashion, old school Hollywood glamour and high energy performances, Jaida is ready to take on the cast of RuPaul’sDrag Race Season 12.  She is ready to travel the world and show her beloved fans that it doesn’t matter where you come from, or what background is, you can achieve your dreams!  Oh, and you can have fun and looking sickening while you do ;)



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