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Juno Birch is a (very stunning) UK-based drag queen known for her avant-garde style and boundary-pushing performances. She rose to prominence in the UK drag scene, quickly establishing herself as one of the most innovative and unconventional queens in the country.

Juno Birch's drag style is characterized by her imaginative and thought-provoking costume designs, which often incorporate elements of gender non-conformity, horror, and surrealism. She is known for her use of prosthetics and makeup to transform herself into otherworldly creatures, and her performances often explore themes of identity, sexuality, and the human condition.

In addition to her work as a drag queen, Juno Birch is also a talented visual artist, whose work has been exhibited in galleries across the UK. She is also a sought-after DJ and producer, known for her eclectic and genre-defying musical sets.

With her unique aesthetic and thought-provoking performances, Juno Birch has become a leading figure in the UK drag scene, inspiring a new generation of queens and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in drag.

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