More additions to Drag Haus World Pride

January 4, 2023


We're excited to add more artists to the biggest celebration of Drag during Sydney World Pride : Drag Haus.

Sminty Drop from Drag Race UK is joining the cast, alongside Sydney Icon Sexy Galexy!

The current lineup is :

  • Anita Wig’lit (RPDR Season 1 & Canada Vs The World)
  • Art Simone (RPDR Down Under Season 1)
  • Beverly Kills (RPDR Down Under Season 2)
  • Kane Enable (ADL)
  • Kita Mean (Winner Of RPDR Down Under Season 1)
  • DJ Kitty Glitter (SYD)
  • Kween Kong (RPDR Down Under Season 2)
  • Laganja Estranja (RPDR Season 6)
  • Precious Paula Nicole (RPDR Philippines Winner)
  • Jasmine Masters (RPDR Season 7)
  • Sminty Drop (RPDR UK)
  • Sexy Galexy (The OG Drag King!)
  • Maxi Shield (RPDR Down Under Season 1)
  • Vanity (SYD)
  • Yuri Guaii (RPDR Down Under Season 2)

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