Gottmik is a prominent LA-based drag performer and glam makeup artist. Known for their boldly avant-garde and vintage circus-glamour-inspired makeup artistry, they were signed to a makeup agency by the age of 21.

Gottmik attended Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and has worked with iconic celebrities including Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, Tinashe, Steve Aoki, Lizzo, French Montana, Lil Nas X, Leona Lewis, Adam Lambert, Pabllo Vitar, Kim Petras, RuPaul, and Paris Hilton among others.

Gottmik is the first-ever transgender man to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race and is a finalist in the current 13th season. Challenging the definition of modern drag and shaking up the “cis-tem”is intrinsic to Gottmik’s image and power. As both an MUA and performer, Gottmik has always confronted convention head-on. Striving to bring trans men the representation and visibility they mostly lack in mainstream media, Gottmik’s work is a testament to the fluidity of the individual.Determined and multi-faceted in their talents, Gottmik is a must-watch both as an artist and influential, trendsetting, ground-breaking performer.




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