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Meet Mirage Amuro, a fierce and unapologetic drag queen whose name is a clever fusion of pop culture and personal inspiration. Taking a cue from the iconic villain Mirage in "The Incredibles," she adds a touch of Japanese flair with "Amuro," paying homage to the retired Japanese singer Namie Amuro, the favorite of her drag mother. Mirage made her mark on the drag scene as a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16, where she confidently embraced her bold persona and left a lasting impression.

In the world of Drag Race, Mirage's journey included a memorable run marked by her sharp tongue, sassy quotes, and a lip-sync performance to her original song "She's Such a Bitch." Despite her early exit in Episode 4, Mirage's impact resonated beyond the runway. Not just a talented performer, Mirage is also a drag sister to Anetra, showcasing a tight-knit drag family. Her farewell message, "Looks Like the Trash bag Lost 💋 LoL ♡ Mirage," exemplifies her humor and resilience in the face of competition.

Off-stage, Mirage hails from Las Vegas, with a rich cultural background blending Mexican and Native American heritage. Her drag journey began with the support of her drag mother and guidance from seasoned queens like Alexis Mateo and Anetra. As she continues to conquer stages and leave her mark on the drag world, Mirage's vibrant personality and unique drag style make her a rising star in the drag community.

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